Medusa Retro Scandoubler

Nueva Rev. B SCART EU. Scandoubler externo para Amiga y sistemas retro. Soporta RGB, RGBHS, video compuesto, S-Video, and componentes a través de las entradas de euroconector y VGA. La nueva revisión B añade una entrada digital DB9 para C128, CGA, EGA, Apple IIc y otros ordenadores.

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Medusa diseñado para Amiga y ordenadores retro.

Soporta RGB, RGBHS, video compuesto, S-Video, digital DB9, y componentes a través de las entradas de euroconector, VGA, y DB9. Tiene una salida DVI-I que implementa las señales digitales, analógicas, y de audio. Por tanto, permite la conexión HDMI usando un simple y económico adaptador.

Medusa Retro Scandoubler



• Converts picture from retro systems to modern displays, that utilise DVI output (with small/cheap adatper also HDMI with sound)
• Manufactured in Poland by Lotharek under highest standarts of SMD/THT assembly
• 2 functional jack 3.5 mm stereo working as insput and output
• Metal case with OLED LCD
• Addidtional completly new approach to picture settings (usb connection PC-MEDUSA) via terminal banging
• Accepts almost all SIGNALS that retro computers can produce: composite, S-Video, RGB, RGBHS, components
• DVI-I output (DVI / DVI with audio modes)  port working in many modes: along with  adapters: DVI_I  it supplies VGA and digital picture, thus old CRT monitors as well as modern TVs may be used ( the same time- dual display mode wth proper splitter)
• Hundreds of slots for customers display sets

At the moment of relase, MEDUSA will detect and properly will display following systems in all available formats:

• Amiga OCS: Amiga PAL, Amiga NTSC
• Amiga ECS/AGA (without VGAonly): Amiga EURO36, Amiga EURO72, Amiga SUPER72, Amiga DblNTSC, Amiga DblPAL, Amiga Multiscan, Amiga SUPERPLUS, Amiga HIGHGFX, Amiga HD720
• Amiga ECS/AGA (with VGAonly): Amiga DblPAL*, Amiga DblNTSC*, Amiga EURO72*, Amiga Multiscan*, Amiga SUPER72*
• Commodore C64: C64 PAL
• Atari ST: Atari ST PAL, Atari ST NTSC, Atari ST HI
• Atari Falcon: Atari FALCON VGA (VGA 640x480), Atari FALCON N40, Atari FALCON N80, Atari FALCON PAL
• Macintosh (tested on LC475): Mac 512x384, Mac 640x480, Mac 832x624, Mac 1024x768, Mac 1152x870
• Standard VGA: VGA 800x600
• ZX Spectrum: Spectrum 128K, Spectrum 48K, Pentagon
• Amstrad CPC: CPC 464, CPC 6128
• Atari XL/XE: Atari VBXE PAL, Atari VBXE DP, Atari VBXE NTSC, Atari VBXE DN
• MiST: MiST Menu, MiST QL, MiST C64 PAL, MiST C64 NTSC, MiST C16, MiST VIC-20, MiST Acorn, MiST Mac Plus
• Atari on MIST: ATARI Viking
• Special modes (unrecognised PAL-like and NTSC-like): unknown PAL, unknown NTSC

Note: Medusa is on beta stage and several video modes for available retro systems have not been implemented yet. Please check the Medusa support page and the manufaturer web for more information.


• Composite video (via SCART)
• S-VIDEO (via scart)
• RGB (via scart)
• RGB via VGA input (separate syncs)
• Digital input (via DB9)
• Component (via SCART and VGA)


• DVI-I (digital and analog output via adapters)
• Audio OUT (jack stereo)
• Audio IN (jack stereo)
• Dual video output with DVI split cable  (not offered)


• Micro USB mobile phone charger (5V, 500 mA minimum)

Installation manual: not included. Warranty: 3 years.

AMIGAstore guarantees the product works with listed retro systems and video modes, but we don't offer support for this product (configurations, compatibility issues with your system, etc). For that, please visit the Medusa support page and the manufaturer web.

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