Amiga 4000 Replica Project Board Rev 2B

Replacement for the Amiga 4000D motherboard. Revision 1.0. This board is a recreation of the A4000D motherboard and developed by Acill. High quality manufacturing: ENIG-ROHS. 4-Wire Kelvin test, FR4-Standard TG 150C. PCB colour: black.

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The Amiga 4000 Replica Project is a recreation of the A4000D motherboard Rev 2B manufactured by Commodore.

Suitable for replacing your defective A4000D PCB. High quality manufacturing: ENIG-ROHS. 4-Wire kelvin test, FR4-Standard TG 150C. Black colour. The A4000 Replica Project is available here. Updated BOM by Shred here. John 'Chucky' Hertell's components locator here, and a build guide here.

Amiga 4000 Replica Project Board

Features: .

• ENIG-ROSH and FR4-Standard TG 150C
• 4-Wire Kelvin
• Four layers
• PCB colour: black

Warranty: 3 years. Manual: not included.

Developed by Acill. Organized by Paul Rezendes and the generous contributions of the Amiga Community. John Hertell has available a components locator here. Updated BOM by Shred is available here.

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