2,5" Buffered IDE interface

Para A1200, A600, y cualquier otro hardware con interfáz IDE de 2,5". El adaptador IDE de 2,5" con buffer permite conectar a tu Amiga hasta dos dispositivos IDE, tales como adaptadores Compact Flash o SD2IDE. El dispositivo implementa un buffer en 24 señales IDE para estabilizar la transferencia de datos, y soluciona también los conocidos problemas con el LED IDE de los Amiga 1200 y 600.

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2,5" Buffered IDE interface

Developed mainly for Amiga 1200 and Amiga 600, it also is suitable for any other hardware with a 2,5" IDE interface.

The 2,5" Buffered IDE interface allows to connect to your Amiga up to 2 IDE devices, like hard disks, Compact Flash, or SD2IDE adapters. It features a buffer for the 24 data signals to stabilize data transfers. It also fix the well knowed issues with the IDE LED of Amiga 1200/600 (always on when some CF/SD cards or IDE adapters are directly attached to the IDE port)

Two versions are available:

Type A: it connects to the internal port of A1200/A600 and give you a 44 pin male output to connect until two IDE devices by using a 44pin IDE cable. This option also lets use long IDE data cables.

Type B: it connects to the internal port of A1200/A600 and give you a 44 pin female output to directly connect CF or SD2IDE adapters.

A1200/600 Buffered IDE adapter Type A                     A1200/600 Buffered IDE adapter Type B


• Stabilize data transfers between the computer and devices
• Lets you use longer IDE data cables without errors (100cm)
• It fix the issues with the A1200/600 IDE LED
• Compatible with AmigaOS 1.3, 2.1, 3.1, 3.9, 3.1.4, 3.2, and 3.2.1
• PCMCIA friendly
• Assembled in AMIGAstore™

Package contents:

• 2,5" Buffered IDE interface
• Quick installation guide


• IDE2CF adatper + data cable
• SD2IDE adapter

Warranty: three years.

Designed by Matthias Münch. Licensed and manufactured in-house by™.

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