Aceleradora xT para Amiga 600 xT 28MHz 11MB

Re-stock: sin fecha de entrega. Accelerator card for Amiga 600. The xT accelerator is one of the smallest turbo cards for the Amiga 600 computer. It provides a 680SEC000 CPU clocked at 28MHz, 8MB of Fast RAM, 1,5MB of Slow RAM, and 1MB for MapROM. It is the perfect complement to our Amiga 600 1MB Chip Memory Expansion. Compatible CF cards are available as option.

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xT accelerator card for Amiga 600

The xT is an accelerator card for Amiga 600 computrs has been designed by R.G. Chyła providing a 68SEC000 CPU clocked at 28MHz and up to 10.5MB of RAM: 8MB are available for FastRAM, 1.5MB for slow RAM, and 1MB for MapROM function. It is PCMCIA friendly by using the software tool. In PCMCIA-friendly mode, the Amiga 600 uses 4MB of Fast RAM and allows the use of PCMCIA devices that do not work in 8MB mode.

xT accelerator is also the perfect complement to our Amiga 600 1MB Chip Memory Expansion.

The card increase the speed of the A600 IDE port and also has the ability to map Kickstart ROMs into the Fast RAM. It has been tested with 256KB, 512KB, and with 1024KB ROMs. The xT acceleratorcard is easily controlled by the Santool utility (available at the download tab).

xT Amiga 600 accelerator 28Mhz 11MB


• Compatible with Amiga 600
• 68SEC000 processor clocked at 28MHz
• Up to 11MB of RAM
• PCMCIA-friendly mode selected by software
• MapROM function
• Software tool to set additional options
• Compatible with our Amiga 600 1MB Memory Expansion

Product includes:

• xT accelerator for Amiga 600


• Amiga 600 computer

Warranty: two years. Manual: not included.

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