A3660 Rev 1.1

Tarjeta CPU para los ordenadores Amiga 4000D/4000T y 3000D/3000T. La A3660 viene con un procesador Motorola 68LC060 a 50Mhz (39,02 MIPS) o a 60Mhz (46,82 MIPS). La CPU incluida es un 68LC060 rev4 (con MMU y sin FPU).

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La A3660 una tarjeta CPU para ordenadores Amiga 4000D/4000T y 3000D/3000T.

La tarjeta implementa un procesador Motorola 68LC060 rev4 (con MMU y sin FPU). Dos versiones están disponibles:

• 50Mhz (39,02 MIPS)
• 60Mhz (46,82 MIPS)

La  A3660 a 50Mhz incrementa la velocidad (en MIPS) del procesador en un 207.55% con respecto a la Commodore A3640, un 477% con respecto a la Commodore A3630, y un 808% sobre el Amiga 3000 con el 68030/25Mhz estándar. 

A3660       A3660 Box

Technical specifications and features:

• Compatible with Amiga 4000D/4000T and 3000D /A3000T computers.
Motorola 68LC060 processor rev4 (with MMU and without FPU).
• Clocked at 50Mhz (39,02 MIPS) or 60Mhz (46,82 MIPS).
Drivers and libraries are included on floppy disk and are also available for download.
• CPU and GALs heat sinks included.
Manual and custom box included.
High quality PCB. Gold surface finish. Brand new components..
• PCB rev 1.1.
• Optional Workbench 3.1 or Workbench 3.1.4 + drivers pre-installed on CF.
• Reverse engineering by John "Chucky" Hertell.
• Manufactured and assembled in-house by AMIGAstore™


• Amiga 4000D, 4000T, 3000D, or 3000T computer.
• AmigaOS 3.1, 3.x, 3.9, or 3.1.4 (other versions have not been tested).
• A cross-head screwdriver (also known as Phillips) to open your Amiga.
• A floppy disk drive or any other transfer method to copy drivers to your hard disk.

Package includes:

• A3660 Processor Board.
• Installation Manual.
• Floppy disk with drivers and self-installer.
• Custom box.

Warranty: two years.

Reverse engineering by John "Chucky" Hertell. Manufactured in-house by™.

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