Re-Amiga 1200 Motherboard clone

Re-AMIGA 1200 Motherboard es un clon de de la placa madre de Amiga 1200 desarrollada por John Hertell con características adicionales. Revisión 1.5. Fabricada en máxima calidad: ENIG-ROSH. 45º gold fingers, FR-4 TG146, y bajo 4-wire Kelvin tests. Incluye la PCB del ratón y una PCB para elevar el conector S-Video.

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Re-Amiga 1200 motherboard is a clone of the Amiga 1200 motherboard with additional features. Rev. 1.5. White colour.

Re-Amiga 1200 motherboard Rev 1.5

Re-Amiga 1200 motherboard Rev 1.5

Re-Amiga 1200 1.5 new features:

• Mouse PCB with testing features and additional 5V power output included.
• S-Video standoff PCB (1mm) included.
• White colour.
• FR4 TG 146 and ENIG-ROHS.
• 45º gold fingers
• 4-wire Kelvin tests.
• Fixed a signal shorted to VCC in Rev1.4 (C0D).
• Added a 74LS08 so now H and V sync is always buffered (this NEEDS to be installed or you will not get V and H sync out onto the monitors) this to allow longer monitorcables and also save Alice if something goes wrong when hotplugging monitorcable.
• Color signals to RGB and VGA port is now always via the PNP transistor buffers, so RGB port will not be a darker color. It is not recomended to attach 2 monitors at once.
• Composite out is now optional Composite OR Svideo out. (you cannot move old RCA to new board due to this) SVideo needs to be installed aprox 1mm “over” the PCB.
• Included a “Svideo” standoff for this. do that PCB as a 1mm PCB.
• Added leds for _RST, _KB_RST, _ODD_CIA, _EVEN_CIA and _ROMEN also to Serial TXD and RXD (from the 5V level).
• Totally optional! Resistor at bottom 470Ohm so it is not that bright this is for all leds, change to higher or lower after taste (lowest 33Ohm).
• Moved Mouseconnector and shrunk PCB some so you can have a mouse PCB like Amiga 1200 Rev 2.
• Added mousePCB compatible with Amiga 1200 Rev 2 aswell that have a optional Joysticktester (not mousedirection).
• Added jumperheaders for selectable PAL/NTSC Default start (then do not populate that 0ohm resistor, now removed from locator and pick&place data).
• Moved VGA Connector so it aligns more to other Dsubs.
• Adopted components so you can do a full socket of board (remember that sockets is a source of problems).
• Added resistor to IDE Activity so now adapters that made IDE led always bright will be handled correct.
• Moved extra powerconnector slightly to not touch BVision when installed.
• Fixed Silkscreen so all used components now have value.
• Added pads close to floppyconnector for a 0Ohm resistor if you want to do the Escom floppypatch instead of a wire.
• Added pads close to ROM socket for optional DRA0 pullup that some machines had with a 470Ohm (I think) resistor from clockport to a via. now a SMD resistor can be used.
• At bottom of board close to optional 1K resistor for zenerdiode, added a pad for possability to disable the default “sync on green” if wanted. cut and solder.

Warranty: 2 years.

Reverse engeneered by John "Chucky" Hertell.

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