Immortal 3 by Jan Zottmann

Amiga soundtrack double CD in Super Jewel Box. 35 tracks and 150 minutes of remastered and remixed soundtracks of videogame music from the Commodore Amiga.

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Double audio-CD in Super Jewel Box, 35 tracks, 150 minutes

"Immortal 3" The third volume in a series of albums with music from Commodore Amiga games from the early 1990s. With only a few exceptions the tracks are newly arranged studio productions by the same composers who wrote the original game tunes many years ago..

The CDs comes in a neat Super Jewel Case and contains 20 songs (about 150 minutes).

CD 1 
01. Apidya "Suite" (Hülsbeck)
02. Gods "Into the Wonderful" (Nation 12)
03. Theatre of Death (Clarke)
04. Ghouls'n Ghosts (Follin)
05. Turrican 2 (Hülsbeck)
06. Turrican 3 ("2nd Floor") (Hülsbeck)
07. Fire and Ice (Page)
08. Pinball Dreams (Gustafsson)
09. Disposable Hero (Hoekman & Holt)
10. The Chaos Engine (Joseph)
11. Agony (Wright)
12. Death Mask "Something Evil" (Owens)
13. Defender of the Crown (Cuomo)
14. Lotus 3: The Ultimate Challenge (Phelan)
15. The Plague (Klaren)
16. Alien Breed (Brimble)
17. Aquaventura (Wright)
18. Ambermoon (Steinwachs)

CD 2 
01. Wings of Death (Hippel)
02. No Second Prize (Steinwachs)
03. Speedball 2 "Brutal Deluxe" (Nation 12)
04. Brat (Lynne)
05. Amberstar (Hippel)
06. Shadow of the Beast 2 (Wright)
07. Uridium 2 (Page)
08. Cardiaxx (Simmonds)
09. Pinball Fantasies (Gustafsson)
10. Elfmania (Eeben)
11. Overdrive (Brimble)
12. Ork (Bartlett)
13. Leander (Simmonds)
14. Obsession "Desert Run" (Almered)
15. Katakis (Zendeh)
16. Super Cars 2 (Leitch)
17. Trolls (Nixon)

Release date: 2006-06-15
Catalog#: AKCD002/003
Original label: Jan Zottmann // synSONIQ Records
EAN barcode: 4028723000226
Physical format: 2×CD, Jewel Case, 35 tracks, 153:16 minutes, 8-page booklet


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