Re-stock: sin fecha de entrada. Ampliación de memoria de 256 MB para Amigas con Zorro-III (como los A3000, A4000, A3000T, y A4000T.

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Ampliación de memoria de 256 MB para Amiga 3000(T)/4000(T)

BigRamPlus es una ampliación de memoria de 256 MB de RAM para todos los Amiga con slots Zorro-III, es decir, Amiga 3000, 3000T, 4000 y 4000T. 

BigRamPlus is only guaranteed to work with the original daughter boards of these computers. It may or may not work properly with third party bus boards made by Micronik, RBM, Eagle, Elbox, etc.

Memory is used by all operating systems up to OS3.9 automatically. Linux/BSD may need special patches to use this memory.

AmigaOS 4.0 does not permit the use of a Z3 memory card, the computer won't even boot into the OS. AmigaOS 4.1 can use the card's memory as swap memory.

Box contents:

  • BigRamPlus card
  • instruction sheet

You will need in addition to that:

  • a computer with Z3 slots (Z2 will not work!)
  • a screwdriver to open your computer

We recommend the use of the latest Buster chip revision 11, which is also available in our shop.


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