Divide Revised - ZX Spectrum CF interface

Interfaz Compact Flash + puerto de joystick para el ZX Spectrum. Con DivIDE 2k14 puedes grabar fácilmente toda tu colección de software en un tarjeta CF y ejectuarla desde tu Spectrum. Los juegos, demos, y aplicaciones, correran directamente en el ordenador para el que fueron diseñados, de forma sencilla. Divide incorporá también importantes ventajas adicionales.

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DivIDE Revised is an COMPACT FLASH interface which takes your ZX Spectrum computing to a whole new level. As the time takes its toll on ageing media such as audio tapes or diskettes, many ZX Spectrum enthusiasts simply stick to emulation for better reliability and comfort. With divIDE you can put your software collection to a CompactFlash card and experience your favourite games, demos and utilities the way the were meant to be run - and even better. (Velesoft)

Divide Revised specifications in comparison with 2k14 version:

• Powerfull CPLD
• 4 layers PCB
• ROHS compliant
• LCD showing preset config
• Firmware flashable slots ( FatWare, Esxdos, Demfir, Diagnorom)  selectable with dip switch
• SMD elements: low power consumption
• HIROSE heavy dury Compact Flash Slot
• Bulit in two joystick ports working in 5 modes: Kempston, Sinclair 2 (keys 6,7,8,9,0), Protek (AGF/Cursor keys), and QAOP_Space

Before computers starts  / power on/  you can select joystick port  mode: 

• Kempston mode: deafult. No action required. The LCD shows "F"
• Sinclair 1 mode: to switch joystick port to Sinclair 1 mode, move joystick and hold LEFT, then turn on computer. The LCD shows "1".
• Sinclair 2 mode: to switch joystick port to Sinclair 2 mode, move joystick and hold RIGHT, then turn on computer.  The LCD shows "2".
• Protek mode: to switch joystick port to PROTEK/AGF/CURSOR mode, move joystick and hold DOWN, then turn on computer.  The LCD shows "P".
• OPQA Keys: to switch joystick port to OQPA  mode, move joystick and hold UP, then turn on computer. The LCD shows "E" (Q-up, A-down,O-left, P-right, M-fire).
• If the LCD shows "8": totally messed up modes. Please, restart.


• Do not remove CF CARD while power is on!
• All joystick funcionality was tested on orginal zx spectrums by Sinclair/Amstrad. CLONES are not guarneteed to work.

Inside box: Fully tested and working device.
Instructions: not included.
Warranty: 2 years.

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