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Re-stock: sin fecha de disponibilidad. Complete system, preconfigured, checked, and with warranty. English Keyboard. Recommended for collectors. Ready to connect and enjoy. LOW STOCK!

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Description and features:

Amiga Technologies A1200 Computer plus power supply unit, mouse, Kickstart ROM 3.1, Workbench disks, CF hard disk, accelerator card, and of course, disk drive. Ready to connect and enjoy, and specially configured for collectors.

All hardware is fully new and thoroughly checked by our technical service.

AMIGAstore offers 6 months of warranty. If warranty seal is broken, warranty will be avoid.


Case, keyboard, mouse, mouse cable, and PSU (European plug), are in perfect aesthetic conditions. Not yellowing zones or parts. PSU is the black (and last) Amiga Technologies PSU produced. Delivered in a custom box.

The Amiga 1200 pack contains:

* Brand new A1200 computer from the Amiga Tecnologies production (1995/1996)
* Mouse from Amiga Technologies with Amiga logo
* Kickstar ROM 3.1 (two chips)
* Original Amiga double density disk drive unit
* Brand new and original English Keyboard.
* Workbench 3.1 disks.
* Brand new PSU (European plug). This is the black version, the last PSU produced by Amiga Technologies.
* Brand new accelerator card with 2 warranty years.
* Brand new hard disk (CF + adapter + 2.5 cable)with two warranty years
* Pre-configured system: preinstalled workbench 3.1 + applications + games.

Prices (Spanish VAT included):

* Amiga A1200 Computer + PSU + mouse + ROM 3.1 + disk drive + warranty -- 229.95€
* Hard disk Compact Flash 4GB + adapter + 2.5 IDE cable ------------------ 19,90€
* Original English Keyboard ---------------------------------------------- 00.00€
* OS3.1 disks ------------------------------------------------------------ 13.95€
* ACA acelerator 1220/20Mhz + installation ------------------------------- 99.90€
* ACA acelerator 1232/25Mhz (with MMU) + installation ------------------- 129.90€
* ACA acelerator 1232/40Mhz )without MMU) + installation ---------------- 159.00€
* System and Workbench 3.1 installation + extra configurations ----------- 30.00€
* Free applications and games preinstalled ------------------------------- 00.00€

Please, understand you that as any hardware 18-20 years old, it can need some maintenance actions by you in a near future, as capacitors replacement.

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