X-Surf 100

Re-stock: T.BA. La nueva X-Surf 100 es una tarjeta de red para todos los ordenadores Amiga con slots Zorro. Software y controladores incluidos.

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100 Mbit Ethernet Zorro-II/III Card

The new X-Surf 100 is a networking card for all Amiga computers with Zorro slots. In an A2000 or Zorro-daughterboards for the A1200, it will run at Zorro-II speed. If installed in an A3000, A4000 or the respective tower versions, it will run at Zorro-III speeds, which is up to five times faster than Zorro-II.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the X-Surf-100 to work in third-party Zorro boards as used in tower conversions, such as boards made by Eagle, Mikronik, RBM or Elbox. The X-Surf-100 may or may not work  in these boards. Although the bus interface is designed to tolerate many mistakes that the vendors of those third-party boards have made, we can only guarantee proper operation in original Commodore daughterboards. Further, Zorro-III computers MUST have the Buster-11 chip installed.

Owners of the Merlin graphics card must have the latest hardware patches installed. Owners of the Mediator PCI/Zorro daughterboard must close the "swap" jumper.

Key features:

 •  100MBit physical lik rate
 •  Sana-II device for use with OS2.0 up to OS3.9
 •  Linux drivers under development
 •  space- and power-saving design
 •  gold plated Zorro contacts and stainless steel metal bracket
 •  local expansion port for forthcoming high-speed USB module

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