Processor card for Amiga 4000D/4000T and 3000D/3000T computers. Developed by Matthias Heinrichs, the BFG 9060 implements 128MB of DMA Fast RAM and a socket for a Motorola 68060 processor. Optionally, it can be purchased with one of these 2 processors: an MC68LC060 rev4 (with MMU and without FPU) clocked at 50Mhz, or an MC68060RC50 Rev6 (with MMU and FPU) which can be clocked at 50 or 100Mhz

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BFG9060 processor card for Amiga 4000D/4000T and 3000D /A3000T computers.

The BFG9060 accelerator features 128MB of DMA RAM and a socket for a Motorola 68060 or 68040 CPU. Note this version we sell is only compatible with 68060 CPUs

The card is sold without a processor by default, but you can add one of these two processors as an option:

• Motorola MC68LC060RC50 Rev4 processor (with MMU and without FPU). It only can be clocked at 50Mhz.
• Motorola MC68060RC50 Rev6 processor (with MMU and with FPU). It includes heatshink and fan and can be clocked at 50 or 100Mhz (clock speed selectable by onboard jumpers).


BFG 9060       BFG 9060

Technical specifications and features:

• For Amiga 4000D/4000T and 3000D /A3000T computers.
• Compatible with Motorola 68060 processors
128MB of DMA Fast RAM)
• 512KB of Flash RAM
Drivers and libraries are included on floppy disk and are also available for download
High quality PCB. Gold surface finish. Brand new components
• Optional Workbench 3.1 or Workbench + drivers pre-installed on CF
• Developed by Matthias Heinrichs
• Manufactured and assembled in-house by AMIGAstore™


• One Amiga 4000D, 4000T, 3000D, or 3000T computer
• A 68060 CPU
• AmigaOS 3.1, 3.x, 3.9, 3.1.4, or 3.2 (other versions have not been tested)
• A cross-head screwdriver (also known as Phillips) to open your Amiga
• A floppy disk drive or any other transfer method to copy drivers to your hard disk

Package includes:

• BG960 Processor Board with empty CPU socket
• 68060 CPU (optional)
• Heatshink and fan for 68060RC50 processors
• Installation Manual
• Floppy disk with drivers and self-installer
• Printed retail box

Notesupport for this product is offered by AMIGAstore. Please contact us for any questions or if you experience any problem. In addition, you can find information about this hardware product at the BFG9060 project page and at the Torsten Kurbad repository

Warranty: three years. Manual and printed retail box included.

Developed by Matthias Heinrich. We support this project with donations. Manufactured in-house by™.

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