Amiga Future 130 + CD

Sold out. January/February 2018. Amiga Future is an English and German Amiga magazine for Amiga users. It's printed in full colour since issue #94, and includes a cover CD-ROM. English and German edition available.

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Amiga Future issue 130 in full color and cover CD-ROM.

Killer Bees, Schütze Mike and the Treasures of the Inkas, Flight of the Amazon Queen (German localisation), Crazy Priest, Astate, AKReal, Codebench, News from Aminet, MorphOS Camp, A Mix from OS4 Depot 


Just to Say a Big Thank You, Trevors Soapbox, Virtual drives part 3, Demo Scene 

FreePascal part 1, Blitz Basic part 9 

Show Reports:
Amiga32, botfixer@home.

Interview Andreas Magerl (20 Years Amiga Future), Editorial, Contents, News, Imprint, Readers CD Content, Letters to the Editor 

CD Contents:

Public Domain:

  • AmigaOS4:adripper, adtools, AmiArcadia_OS4, autoconf, automake, awk, coreutils, download, e-uae, edgar, fontwalker, FontWalker_os4, fpse, getversion, glquake, ioquake3_sdl2, libsmpeg2, libxml2, MCE-OS4, ReportPlus-OS4, rnocomics, RNOComics_OS4, sed, vmt, yt 
  • Classic: AmiArcadia, AmigaPower, aminetreadme-os3, aminetreadme, amitamagochi_src, AP59Covers, Aquaria_ppc-morphos, assignerpro_src, AS_Recruitment, BeamRiders, bermudasyndrome-wos, BlitzLocale, ceporro_src, Convert, Crazy_Priest_Extra, eld-riseandshine-amiga, emotions, emucpc_src, etb, Exult-wos, FFNews_src, FontWalker_os3, furiatuneGUI1.2, fxPAINT_de, gbripper_src, gcc-mos2wos, Greedium, HollywoodSP, HWP_Malibu, HWP_MUIRoyale, irssi, lameA68K-3.100, lameAros-3.100, lcal, Lightwave.3D-PlugIns, lw_ViperMk2, MCE, MPEGALibrary_src, MPEGAPlayer_src, MPEGA_src, mpegplaygui_src, MUIbase-4.0, MUIRoyaleSP, MUISnapscan_src, netsurf, netsurf_os3, PaletteEd, rememberday_src, ReportPlus, RNOComics, RSCP, SamplesCreator, SonnetLibrary, SteMarRegBlitzSources, tigerclaw-amigateaser, TilesSlide, TinyInvaders, TinyLauncher, TunnelsAndTrolls, Void-7Ate9, Void-ApplejackPack2, webp_mcc.1.0, WhatChanged, workbenchexplorer, xad_7z, Zodesfull 
  • MorphOS: AmiArcadiaMOS, file-mos, FontWalker_mos, MCE-MOS, ReportPlusMOS, SamplesCreatorDemos 
  • Multimedia: BoingsWorld Podcast episode 88 

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