Vampire V4 500 / 1000 / 2000 / CDTV

For Amiga 1000/500/2000/CDTV. Price is actually not set. Manufacturer expects an increase in price due to higher specification of Vampire V4 respect Vampire V2 or V2+. Our price will be the official price published by the manufacturer. Note this is a product without an official availability date, and you are paying in advance just for shipping costs. This pre-order may be cancelled at any time.

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The Vampire V4 is made with a standard “one design to fit them all” and comes in three flavors depending on customer need:

Vampire V4 specifications:

  • FPGA : Altera Cyclone V A5
  • 77k LE
  • 28nm technology
  • RAM : 512MB DDR3 (up to 1GB/s)
And supports:
  • FastIDE with 40/44-pin connectors
  • Digital Video-out up to 720p@60Hz
  • Dual Kickstart-flashrom (for safety)
  • MicroSD Storage

Certification: Vampire V4 is CE, WEEE and RoHS compliant and fast DDR3 memory.


Apollo Team expects first batch of Vampire V4 to be available in Q4’17. An official ETA will be announced once first batch order is processed at factory.


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