Mini Hydra Electronic Video Switch Revised

New Revised version. Fully automatic SCART switch with full galvanic inputs separation. Two enclosures are available: black metal case, and transparent acrylic case. Re-stock of transparent version: T.B.A.


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Fully automatic SCART switch with full galvanic inputs separation.

How does it work?

Imagine you have many retro system in use (Amiga, Atari ST, ZX-Spectrum, Nintendo, Sega, etc) and you have only one classical TV/Monitor with one SCART input. Each time you want to switch system, you have to connect your machine to your monitor. Everytime you do it, you damage scart socket inside. Those days are over. Connect up to 8 computers/consoles to HYDRA, then connect HYDRA to your TV/Monitor and power on Hydra with your mobile phone charger with Micro USB plug. Since now, Hydra will detect active scart input and forward all signals to your monitor. Simple and efficent.

What happens if you have two active sources the same time?

Nothing. First applied input is master signal. And also you can switch to next one pressing buttons (previous/next), or switching off first computer.

There is also third one - HD/SD mode :-) - nice feature of multiplexers used - You must see it to believe in quaility.


 5 scart inputs ( full rgb, s-video, composite, blank, TV mode).
 1 scart ouput.
 "Knight rider" style active scart detection.
 Full ROHS.
 AVR controller with firmware future updates.
 HQ plexi transparent made by laser machine.
 STEREO RCA audio output (adjustable volume via remote).
Headphones JACK amplified audio ouput  (adjustable volume via remote)
• IR controlled
 Manual/automatic mode
 DC/AC 5/2.1 mm power supply connector (any powers supply ranged 9V-15V will work).


 Left - scan for active source to the left from active one (if active is far left, no action).
 Right - scan for active source to the right from active one (if active is far right, no action).
 Middle - HD/LOW PASS filter  - default ON.
 Left+right pressed - disables "knight rider led effect".

This product is covered by 2-year manufacturer warranty. Instruction Manual not included.

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