ACA 1221ec 28MHz & 16MB of RAM

Re-stock: T.B.A. Waiting for the production of a new batch by the manufacturer. Low cost accelerator card ACA 1221ec with a 68ec020-25 CPU at 28,38Mhz (that can be overclocked to 42.50 MHz), and 16MB physical memory. For Amiga 1200 and Amiga 500 with ACA-500 or ACA-500plus.

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The new ACA-1221ec card comes with a 68ec020-25 CPU CPU running at 28.38 Mhz (that can be overclocked to 42.50 MHz), and with 16 MB of physical memory on board. 9MBytes of this physical memory can be used as fastmem, 1MB can be reserved for the MapROM function, and up to 7 MBytes can be used as a RAM-disk (6MB if the MapROM function is used).

Compared to memory expansions that are available for the A1200, the ACA1221ec comes with more memory, more acceleration and more expansion features at a lower price.

ChipMem access speed has been greatly improved in comparison to the ACA1220, which will help eliminating the so-called "Turrican slowdowns" and other WHDload game hickups. Although the card is running asynchronously to the A1200, synchronous ChipMem speed can be achieved.

The ACA1221ec has much faster memory performance than most older designs with a 68020 processor. The modern 3.3V SD-Ram is clocked at over 85MHz, resulting in 0-waitstate access most of the times.


All ACA1221ec features are available. No upgrades are need.

Expansions ports:

One clock port for RTC-module (available on this page as option) or any clockport-device. This clockport is a straight copy if the internal A1200 clockport. Only one RTC and one clockport device may be used at the same time. This is very useful for A1200 boards that do not have the correct clockport assembly (early commodore boards).

Another clockport is especially for RapidRoad: It is considerably faster than the standard clockport and thus allows better USB transfer rates than on the standard clockport. There is also a power connector for RapidRoad, which lets the user install a USB card without opening the computer. This port may also be used for a Subway USB controller.

Last not least, the ACA1221ec features a new A1200 motherboard interface. Some A1200 main boards have been delivered with the wrong timing components and require modification for reliable use with accelerators. With the new improved interface, the ACA1221ec is less likely to require these board patches. Although this has been tested extensively, timing patches may still be required. Timing issues have other negative effects, too. AMIGAstore offer a Timing Fix Service to solve these problems.


  • For Amiga 1200 and Amiga Amiga 500 with ACA-500 or ACA-500-Plus
  • 68EC020 running at 28.38 MHz rating (*)
  • Speed: 28.38 MHz
  • Overclocking options: 42.5 MHz (this extreme speed will need additional fans and/or disipators)
  • Memory: 16 MB if physical memory, (1MB** for the MapROM, 9 MB of Fast RAM, and 6MB*** of RAM-Disk)
  • MapROM: this is the first accelerators that supports MapROM at power-up, by setting a jumper. The Kickstart ROM is copied to the FastRAM automatically, so you don't need to install any MapROM tool.
  • 1 x Clockport for the Real Time Clock module (available on this page as option) or any clockport device.
  • 1 x High speed clockport for the Rapid Road USB add-on
  • Compatible with WHDload when set to "noMMU"
  • PCMCIA-friendly
(*) Processors on this card are recycled and may have scratches
(**) Software is not completed yet, and loading 1MB Kickstart images and using the RAM disk is not yet possible.
(***) Up to 7MB can be used as RAM-disk if MapROM function is not used. If MapROM is used 6MB are available for the RAM-disk

Package contains:

  • Accelerator with RAM and CPU assembled
  • Short installation manual

You will need in addition to that:

  • Transfer method for the ACA1221ec tools to your Amiga (this software is availabe as option in a 3,5" floppy disk).
  • Motherboard patches as described by Commodore: A1200 capacitors E123C and E125C may need to be removed. AMIGAstore offer a Timing Fix Service to solve these problems.

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