Amiga Future 114 + CD

Ultra low shipping cost for Europe: 3.95 Euro. May/June 2015. Amiga Future is an English and German Amiga magazine for Amiga users. It's printed in full colour since issue #94, and includes a cover CD-ROMEnglish and German edition available.

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Amiga Future issue 114 in full color and cover CD-ROM.

Swamp Defense 2, Solomon's Key 2, Jet Hunt, London Rain Matrix, Pac Boy, Scorpio, Oldtimer, BetterWB, Blankers, Hollywood 6.0, AmiKit 8.3  

Programming AmigaOS 4 part 12 

WD MY Cloud Mirror, Smart Home, Classic Reflections part 21: Haage & Partner, Demo Scene

Spielfeld, Maxwell Mouse and the Missing Game Mystery 

Interview Cherry Darling part 2, Interview Alastar Murray, News, Editorial, Contents, Imprint, Content Cover CD, Letters to the Editor, Preview 

CD Contents:

ITeam Yankee  

Public Domain:

  • AmigaOS4: abbayedesmorts, AmiArcadia_OS4, amicraft, aos-gamesicons, cc65, clipgrab, cmg, cmt, CodeWar-OS4, dopus4, ffmpeg, ffmpeg_os4, findmore, icons-for-amigaos, l2cache, libopenal, lodepaint, MCE-OS4, minigl, openurl, potrace, residualvm, the7bandits, toram-os4, toram, WhoBecomesAmigaGuru_OS4
  • AROS: amath.i386-aros, bombic.i386-aros, colorit.i386-aros, fpcmines.i386-aros, ntimed.i386-aros, tileworld.i386-aros, toram.i386-aros, WhoBecomesAmigaGuru_ARO.
  • Classic: 040_060Libs, 2060_rom8_5, 68060-19101999, 68060systemdisk, AB3Dedit_src, AbbayeDesMorts, AlienBash_src, amath, amath.src, AmiArcadia, AmiRobboSource, AssaultCubeReloaded262, barcode, bikerbabe_src, blizzard2060systemdisk, Blizzard_1230_SCSI_IV, BOFH, BoxxHDD, Calimero_0.8, Calimero_beta_0.12, cAMIra, CamView, CenturionEditor, codesets-6.19, CodeWar-OS3, comedesert-data, CongstarCfg, CS-SCSI-Tools-31, f12015carset, fastlanez3, FlashUpdates-09042000, FlashUpdates-26042002, foo2zjs, gTranslator, GuideMaker, HWP_AIFF, HWP_PCX, ipp_dev, iView, Laberinto_Ladd, LanCamTool, magnet2torrent, MCE, Microbe3D, minipro_20150206, MMULib, MPlayer-GUI, Mu680x0Libs, MuFastZero, netsurf, ntimed, ntimed.src, o2em, ODAMEX_AGA, ODAMEX_RTG, OpenURL-7.16, PictureAlbum, PictureOverview, ppc-user-09042000, Profeta_128, PrognoTips, RTF-Riddle, russian45, scsi85mk1, scsi86mk2, Show_Vector_1.35, SMBMounter, Squarado, super_nibbly_source, SystemDisk-431, ultimate-maze-pack, Wazp3D, WhoBecomesAmigaGuru_OS3, wmf2x_1.1, zmakebas.
  • MorphOS: ACE-MorphOS, AfricaMOS, amath-mos, AmiArcadiaMOS, bofh_mos, CodeWar-MOS, MCE-MOS, Stella_MOS, toram-morphos, towertoppler-mos, uBee512-MOS, WhoBecomesAmigaGuru_mos, WormWarsMOS.
  • Multimedia: BoingsWorld Podcast episodes 61 and 62 .

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