Amiga Forum 6

The first Swedish Amiga magazine in printed paper since 2008. Issue 6 from September of 2013. Swedish language.

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Amiga Forum issue 6 in color. September of 2013.

Amiga Forum is a Swedish Amiga Magazine that is maintained by Swedish User Group of Amiga (SUGA) for the benefit of both it's members and of all Amiga users in Sweden.

The magazine is in A5, partly coloured (depending on the amount of advertisement), in Swedish, and comes out four times a year.


• Nyheter från Amiga Forum, SUGA, MorphOS Nordic, Scenen och Amigavärlden.
• Artikel: En plats att vara på - Om SUGA:s lokaler genom tiderna.
• Hårdvarutest: Indivision AGA MK2 - Om det nya konfiguationsverktyget.
• Spelrecension: The Feeble Files - "My name is Feeble. As in weak and pathetic."
• Spelrecension: Benefactor - Rädda regnbågsfolket från sin gråa vardag!
• Scenerapport: Edison 2013.
• Sceneintervju: Compocrew Ville, Assembly Summer.
• Scenerapport: Evoke Party rapport.
• Scenenovell: Insidern, del 2.
• Snabbtitten: M.A.C.E, Starwoids och Ork Attack


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