Minimig 4MB + ARM + 4GB SD + Crystal Case + PSU

Restock: T.B.A. System Minimig, with ARM.

Fully configured and ready to turn on and play.
Upgraded with the last version of the Minimig firmware.
Included ARM, SD-HD de 4GB, case, and 1000mA power supply.

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276,40 € tax incl.

Minimig 4MB complete system with ARM (*), fully configured and ready to play.

Minimig is a re-implementation of an Amiga ECS/OCS machine (A500, A600, A3000...) that uses a SD memory card as storage device.

Furthermore, thanks to the onboard 68000 cpu (used on the original machines) and to the re-implementation Amiga ECS/OCS chipset in FPGA, the emulation of the original hardware is accurate and it is possible to run a wide number of games and applications simply copying the ADF files (they are images of the original floppy disks) on a standard SD card. Minimig is easy to use, thanks to the On Screen Display and can use hard disk files.

Standard PS2 keyboard and mouse (commonly used on PCs) are supported as well as original Amiga mouse and joystick.

(*) ARM provides, in respect of the PIC version, some functionalities, like more disk drives availables, and an increasing of the CPU speed up to 49.63 Mhz. Anyway, both versions (with PIC or with ARM), will run classic Amiga games and applications made for an A500 or an A600 running at 7Mhz (the most of them) at 100% of the speed. For more information about ARM, please, check   

Our configured and complete sytem offer includes:

* Minimig 4MB de RAM version with ARM (*) --------------------------------------- 241,45€
* SD HD 4Gb + firmware upgrade + software installation and configuration --- 25,00€
* Power Supply Unit 1000mA--------------------------------------------------------------- 9,95€
* TOTAL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 276.40€

Technical Specifications:

- Processor: 16Mhz MC68SEC000
- RAM: 4Mbyte 45ns SRAM
- FPGA: 400Kgate Spartan-3 (XC3S400)
- Boot/system controller: ARM Controller 
- Mass storage: SD or MMC memory card
- Power: +5VDC (about 250mA without mouse depending of the devices attached)
- I/O:
  Dual PS/2 port (for standar PS2 mouses and keyboards)
  Dual 9-pin joystick port (compatible with Amiga and Atari specifications) 
  Standar 15pin VGA port
  RS-232 port
  audio-out through and standar JACK connector
- misc.: 
  JTAG interface and 3 x generic IO (GPIO)
  Power and drive leds
  Reset and OSD buttons

This project is based on Dennis van Weeren project (version 1.1)


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