SD card reader for all Amiga models. SDBox is a small device that plugs on the Amiga's parallel port and lets you use standard SD-Cards. 

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SD card reader for all Amiga models.

SDBox is a small device that plugs on the Amiga's parallel port and lets you use standard SD-Cards. SD cards shows as any other device or partition in Amiga, letting you read and save files from your Workbench desktop in a easy way. SDBox uses the FAT32 file system, so this is a great choice to transfer files between your Amiga and other devices, like PC or Mac computers. 

Because SDBox connects through the parallel port, it is compatible with all Amiga models. Drivers are compatible with Kickstart 1.3 and upwards (including 3.X, 3.9, and 3.1.4). Software features a self-installer. It is available in floppy disk and may be downloaded in ADF/DMS/Lha formats.

Maximum partition size supported by the device is 4GB. A compatible and preformatted SD card is available as option. You can use your own card, but note not all SD cards may be compatible with SDBox. Higher capacity SD cards (i.e. 8GB/32GB) are compatible, but you will need to create and format a partition below the 4GB barrier. 

The device must be powered externally either through the MiniUSB power connector. This MiniUSB cable is available as option. A mobile phone charger is required. Please note driver do no CRC-verification of data is being copied, so keep a back-up of your files is recommended.

SDBox       SDBox


Compatible with any Amiga computer (note the A1000 needs a gender changer for the parallel port).
Partition size: up to 4GB.
Easy installation: you don't need to open your computer.
Easy use: SD card is mounted as any other device or hard disk partition at the Workbench desktop.
FAT32 supported, making it easy to transfer files between your Amiga and others computers or devices.
Assembled in AMIGAstore™.

SDCard support:

Support one partition of 4GB.
SD and SDHC cards up to 32GB may be used if a partition below the 4GB barrier is created.
 FAT32 supported. Subdirectory and long name file supported.


Any Amiga computer (note the Amiga 1000 needs a gender changer at the parallel port).
Kickstart 1.3, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 3.X, 3.9, or 3.1.4 (other versions have not been tested).
MiniUSB cable (available as option).
Mobile phone charger.

Package includes:

SDBox device cased (3D printed).
Installation Manual.
Floppy disk with drivers and self-installer (available as option).
MiniUSB cable (available as option).

Warranty: two years.

Designed by J. Bilander and N. Ekström. 3D case by Tobias Niva. Distributed under the GPL V3 license. Manufactured in-house by™.

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