Amiga 4000D Daughter Board B-v1.2

Amiga 4000D Daughter Board replaces the original Daughter Board of Amiga 4000 Desktop models. Features one 15Khz VGA output to attach a VGA back plate (available as option), one floppy power input footprint (*) and one external clock socket.

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The Amiga 4000 Daughter Board B-v1.2 replaces the original Daughter Board of Amiga 4000 Desktop models.

This is a recreation of the Amiga 4000D DaughterBoard using the A4000 original schematics. It includes all the Zorro slots, a VGA 15khz output to use with a VGA metal bracket (available as option), a floppy drive power input footprint for extra power (*), and an oscillator socket in case you need a different clock value than the Amiga 4000 on-board clock. The ISA ports has been removed from the design. Some new options has beed added on the new version 1.2.

Amiga 4000 Daugher Board B-v1.2

Amiga 4000 Daughter Board B-v1.2 features:

• 4 Zorro III/II slots.
• 1 Video Slot.
• VGA 15khz output to attach a VGA back plate (available as option).
• External clock socket enabled by jumper (useful for boards like Video Toaster).
• Floppy drive power connector (Berg) footprint for extra power (*).
• Breakout PCB part that may be removed in case more space for cables needed.
• Assembled in AMIGAstore™.

(*) The floppy drive (Berg) power connector for additional power is not assembled because it may collide with the top metal bracket of the original daughterboard and cause a short circuit. The connector is supplied separately (without soldering) in case you want to place it. But it will be necessary that you do not place the original metal support.

Warranty: 3 years.

Designed by Eduardo Arana. Manufactured in-house by™.

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