Tapuino Reloaded v0.4 Tape Emulator - Black Edition

Re-stock: out of stock. Play *.tap files from a microSD card. Compatible with Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Vic20, Commodore 16 and Commodore Pet computers.

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New Tapuino Reloaded Card v0.4, customized in an exclusive Black Edition PCB.

The Tapuino Reloaded v0.4 Tape Emulator is a device that emulates the Datassette by playing *.tap files from a microSD card. Compatible with Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Vic20, Commodore 16 and Commodore Pet computers.

Tapuino Reloaded v.04 connects directly to cassette port of your Commodore computer, and includes a visible OLED display that informs of all processes in real time. Upgradable firmware through USB.

In short, this is a system very easy to use. It works exactly as the conventional Datassette and allows you use MicroSD cards instead tapes. You will not have to use the azimuth anymore to adjust the head!

Technical Specifications:

• Firmware easily upgradable by USB thanks to the the implemented Arduino NANO.
• The PCB is developed with SMD components, and may be connected closely to the case, on the cassette port.
• The 128x64 LCD screen is visible above the case to display all processes.
• Above the LCD screen, 4 main function buttons allows a comfortable operation.
• Insert and remove the MicroSD card is very easy and also comfortable, with the slot placed near to the LCD screen.
• It also has a Reset button, next to the LCD screen.
• The internal menu is divided into: "Play", "Record" and "Options".
• It is possible to navigate easily by directories going up and down.
• You can configure some of your options from the menu: machine type (C16, C64, Vic20...), video system (PAL/NTSC), Invert (0/1), Key speed, ticker speed, ticker substitution, end recording (manual/automatic) and autoFinalize (Yes/No).
• Compatible with several systems: Commodore C64, Commodore C128, VIC20, Commodore 16 & Commodore Pet (*).
• When loading files, we can follow the percentage of the loading process on the LCD screen.
• You can make our own recordings in *.tap files directly using the computer OS, or well through a duplicating device.

(*) Note: for the Commodore Pet an adaptation is necessary to be able to visualize the screen by the own design of the case.

Manual not included.
Warranty: two years.

Thank you to GroovyDirfter, Jgilcas, Peter Eduards, and Edu Arana for this fantastic design!

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