IDE4 Z2 Amiga 2000

Re-stock: T.B.A. IDE controller for Amiga 2000. It supports until 4 IDE devices and includes a Compact Flash socket on board for CF cards. The board includes a connector for the IDE activity LED.

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IDE4 Z2 - A 4 unit IDE controller for Amiga 2000.

IDE4 Z2 is a Gayle compatible 4 unit IDE controller, designed for Amiga 2000. It supports 4 IDE devices on two ports (primary and secondary). Without any additional driver the primary port is active. Kickstart 2.05+ is required with scsi.device. IDEfix driver (not included) is required to enable the second port or to use a CD / DVD device (as the default scsi.device in ROM doesn't support it).

CF master / slave mode is selectable via a jumper. Connector for IDE activity LED is also available. The controller is RDB compatible: HDToolBox and HDInstTools can be used for disk partitioning.With the IDE4 Z2 controller you can now take advantage of the latest low-cost, high-capacity SATA/ATA/EIDE devices like hard drives, Solid State drives (SSD), Compact Flash cards, DVD drives, CD-RW drives, CD-ROM drives, ZIP drives, LS-120 drives, etc.

Compatible and not compatible hardware tested in Amiga 2000:

• Accelerator cards:
   Blizzard 2040 (OK)
   Blizzard 2060 (OK)
   GVP G-Force 030 -Impact A2000-030 Combo Series II- (OK)
   GVP TekMagic 2060 (OK)
   Commodore A2620/030 (OK)
   Apollo 2030 (CONFLICT)

Graphics cards:
   Village Tronic Picasso II (OK)
   MNT VA2000 (OK)

• Sounds cards:
   Sunrize Indrusties AD516 sound card (OK)

• HDD controllers:
   GVP Impact A2000HC SCSI controller (OK)
   Commodore A2090A SCSI controller (CONFLICT)
   BSC Tandem IDE card (OK)

• Network cards:
   A2065 Ethernet interface (OK)
   X-Surf Ethernet interface (OK)
   X-Surf 100 Ethernet interface (OK)

RAM cards:
   Commodore A2058 2, 4, 8 MB (OK)

• Other cards:
   BSC / Alfa Data MultiFaceCard 3 parallel port (OK)
   Commodore A2088T PC emulator (OK)
   RapidRoad USB controller for X-Surf-100 (OK)

This product is covered by 2-year manufacturer warranty.
Instructions not included.

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