Amiga Future 126 + CD

May/June 2017. Amiga Future is an English and German Amiga magazine for Amiga users. It's printed in full colour since issue #94, and includes a cover CD-ROM. English and German edition available.

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Amiga Future issue 126 in full color and cover CD-ROM.

Max Knight, Artic Moves, Time Gal, MorphOS - Tools and Utilities, OS4 Depot: Video-Player, News from Aminet, Emotion Mediaplayer, Flower Pot, Viper 530/E-Matrix 530, Vampire 600 V230

Trevors Soapbox, Classic Reflection: Scala Inc, Demoscene   

Playfield, Reshoot R, Workbench Explorer  

Amiga WHDLoad Maschine part 3, Blitz Basic part 5

Interview Daniel Müßner, Editorial, Content, News, Imprint, Content Cover CD, Letters to the Editor

Unfortunately, the workshop "Developing Demo Effects" planned for this issue is not included, but will hopefully be in a future issue, at a later date.

CD Contents:

Public Domain:

  • AmigaOS4:alephone, amisystemrestore, contextmenus-config, Criss_OS4, emotion_demo, findmore, flac, ftpmount, MCE-OS4, mce, moderntheme, odyssey, odysseylauncher2, picflowgad, prefscenter, scummvm, sess, Slarti_OS4, smtube, Soms3D_os4, starboxdemo, universe-zero, usbrecycle, yt  
  • AROS: gsar-1.21.i386-aros, minipicolisp.i386-aros, minischeme-0.85w2-aros 
  • Classic: AB3DTrainer_src, AmiBird, AmiSGE_src, AutoVisible_sbar, Calimero_3.91, Chocolate-Heretic-1.0.1, cranker, Dina, DrawStudioSP, Faery_Patch_src, Foreach_igracki, geowrite2rtf, gsar-1.21, Hexaco, ign-addon-ods, ignition-1.0beta1, IntyBASIC, KOG, MCE, OS39_update_patch, PatchCompositeTags, Redit, Redit_src, RiVA-0.52, RNOAnim, SensorsList, Slarti_Arosx86ABIv0, SpaceStation3000_Demo, suomenna, Vim_8.0-src, VIM_8.0.363-src, VT42-Toasterless-0.1, WarpPNGdt, Wesnoth.m68k, WWorth_fincats 
  • MorphOS: Criss_MOS, file-mos, MCE-MOS, Slarti_MOS, Vim_8.0-mos 
  • Multimedia: BoingsWorld Podcast episode 84 

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