DF0 Selector

Use your external floppy disk drive (DF1) as an internal unit (DF0). This selector lets you boot from an external floppy disk drive or a Gotek/HxC floppy drive emulator just like the internal unit. Compatible with Amiga 500/500+/2000/3000.

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Our DF0 Selector turns your external floppy disk drive (DF1) into an internal unit (DF0).

The switch included with our DF0 selector offers two possibilities:

When you set the switch to "ON", the external unit starts working as an internal unit. The internal unit will then be disabled.

When you set the switch back to "OFF", you go back to the default settings. All floppy drives will work as usual (internal unit as DF0 and any external unit as DF1/DF2/etc).

Kickstart 1.3 does not let you boot any floppy disk. With Kickstart 2.x/3.x you can start from an external unit (DF1), but in both
cases the most of the games will boot only if the floppy drive is inserted in DF0, no matter whether you have Kickstart 2.x/3.x
or not.

Our DF0 selector solves this issue. It works works on any Amiga 500/500+/2000/3000* regardless of the Kickstart version. Also it is compatible with floppy disk drive emulators as the Gotek or the HxC.

(*) On the A3000 you will need to rightly set the A3000 motherboard jumpers.


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