Tunnel B1

Hollywood-sounding orchestral scores in a double CD in Super Jewel Box. 24 tracks and 65 minutes.

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Double audio-CD in Super Jewel Box,  24 tracks, 65 minutes

"Tunnel B1" This is a more orchestral venture by Chris; with his synthesizers, he emulates an entire full orchestra and has composed a collection of very much Hollywood-sounding orchestral scores. Also included as a bonus are some techno/trance remixes of the pieces, done by the famous German DJ's at Planet Trax studios.

This CD was first published in 1997. It has 24 audio tracks and a total playing time of 64:23.

The excellent soundtrack of the computer- and consolegame Tunnel B1 by Ocean. Reminiscent of movie soundtracks, the latest work of music-master Chris Hülsbeck and it does leave all existing computer-music productions far behind. You could even say that some movies should take Chris´ performance as an example! Incomparable!

This CD is just overwhelming and full of moods so that it is a dream of listening not only for fans of movie-soundtracks! After the CD was technical revised and 5 songs which are not included in the game were added this CD is something special in the area of Soundtracks. It even reaches the class of soundtracks from Hans Zimmer or Alan Silvestri!

 Track   Title (Mix)   Composer  Length
01  Logo    0:12
02  Prologue    3:36
03  Intro    1:41
04  Menue    2:41
05  Charon    1:55
06  Oceanos    5:46
07  Mission Failed    0:04
08 Cerberus    1:02
09  Erinyes    1:32 
10  Stage Cleared    0:08
11 Orpheus    1:53
12 Tartarus    3:11
13  Bonus    0:03
14  Euridice    3:19
15 Styx    1:54
16 Game Over    0:06
17 Nemesis    3:39
18 End Sequence    0:32
19 Credits    4:13
20 Intro (FX Mix)    1:46
21 The Tunnel (Planet Trax Remix) Remix – Luiz O'Brian, Planet Trax  6:25
22 The Tunnel (D.J.P.A.W. Remix) Remix – D.J.P.A.W.*  5:24
23 The Tunnel (Chip Holland Remix) Remix – Chip Holland  6:13
20 The Tunnel (Planet Trax Vocalmania) Remix – Luiz O'Brian, Planet Trax
Vocals – Jennifer (40)

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