Rys MKII USB adapter

Re-stock: T.B.A. Native USB HID controller for mice, joysticks or pads. Compatible with Amiga, AtariST and Commodore C64. Built-in USB stack which enables USB HID devices support without the need for installing additional software drivers. The first adapter that lets you connect real USB devices, not only peripherals with the rare "USB to PS/2" specification.

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Ryś MK II adapter comes as a successor to Ryś USB. Similarly to its predecessor it is based upon 16-bit Microchip microcontroller and it can be used together with USB HID devices like mice, joysticks, pads.

Our product provides built-in USB stack which enables USB HID devices (like a mouse, a joystick or a pad) support without the need for installing additional software drivers. Ryś’s installation procedure consists of simply plugging it into the correct port (i.e. mouse or joystick port) of one’s computer.

Ryś MK II has been equipped with 3 modes of emulation: one for a mouse, other for a joystick and the last one for a pad. Mouse emulation comes with 3 user-definable tracking speed options. This feature allows matching just the right speed for the concrete device being connected. All the preferences are saved to the built-in EEPROM memory – thanks to which when you reconnect the device – it is already configured! Ryś comes also with "Bootloader" function facilitating future firmware upgrades.

Features of Ryś:

• Support for mice using both USB HID and USB-PS/2.
• Support for USB HID joysticks.
• Support for USB HID pads.
• Ready for use with every Amiga (although some models may require additional adapters).
Ready for use with Commodore 64 (without support for mouse, and requires additional adapters and firmware update)
• Ready for use with Atari ST (requires additional adapters).
• Built-in USB stack.
• "Bootloader" function facilitating future firmware upgrades.
• "Status" indicator LED providing information about device’s state.
• Built-in EEPROM memory enabling user preferences storage.
• Built around 16-bit Microchip microcontroller utilizing nanoWatt technology.
• 3 mouse emulation modes.
• Joystick mode (emulating original joystick behavior).
• Pad mode (emulating original pad behavior).

Ryś automatically detects the type of the connected device and starts emulation of its original Amiga counterpart.
When our device finds a joystick or a pad it automatically switches into a pad mode. When one connects a joystick, he or she should change Ryś’s operating mode for joystick mode by simultaneously pressing joystick’s keys 9 and 10. If the command succeeds it will be confirmed by the blinking of ‘Status’ indicator LED. Analogous operation should be performed when a pad is connected. Then one should simultaneously press "SELECT" and "START" buttons (sometimes referred to as "9" and "10").

Please, note that Ryś is not compatible with wireless mice.

Functions of Ryś

• "Bootloader" + wheel button – emulation mode selection

• 9 + 10 - choosing operation mode
• 1 - fire1
• 2 - fire2
• 3 - fire3
• 6 - autofire1
• 5 - autofire2

• SELECT + START - choosing operation mode
• X - fire1
• O - fire2
• [] - fire3
• R2 - autofire1
• L2 - autofire2

Change of adapter’s operating mode is being signalled by the blinking of „Status” indicator LED.

   When a joystick or a pad is connected:
• 1 blink – "Joystick" mode
• 2 blinks – "Pad" mode
• 3 blinks - "Pad - mouse emulation" mode

   When a mouse is connected:
• 4 blinks – tracking speed change

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